Announcing: The Modified Blueprint

I am pleased to announce that The Modified Blueprint, the second book in the Unexpected Inlander series, will be available February 7!

The mission seemed straightforward:
Get in. Get the Cipher. Get out.
But the Cipher is just the beginning.

Having achieved the highest status in the agency, Chris is settling into his new position as a boss when one of his agents discovers an item for sale on the black market. She believes it is called the “Cipher” and that it is highly sought after by the opposition.

When Chris proposes opening a new mission with a dedicated team to retrieve this “Cipher” before it is sold to the enemy, the agency suggests a plan that will put his new position of authority–and his marriage–to the test.

With only days to prepare, he is sent back into the field to work undercover in the ominous Purebred Communities. Once inside, he quickly learns that the official reports were misleading and that the contained society is far more dangerous than he had been led to believe. 

Fortunately, his extensive training and experience has already prepared him for the unexpected. He is prepared for the unknown and prepared to find the Cipher.

But nothing can prepare him for the truth.

In this gripping sequel to The Unexpected Inlander, Chris sees firsthand the inner workings of a contained society, confronts the leader of an intricate criminal network, and uncovers unfathomable information about the past.

True to the series, The Modified Blueprint includes themes of identity and prejudice. And also, of course, lots of worldbuilding. All wrapped up in an adventure you won’t want to miss!

Read it now on NetGalley:

Or get your copy of the ebook now for the special preorder price of only $0.99!

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Take care, and please stay safe!


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