ANNOUNCING: The re-release of The Unexpected Inlander!

I am SO EXCITED to announce the re-release of The Unexpected Inlander!!!!! I have recently made the ebook available for pre-order on Amazon at

Here’s a short description:

Agent Christopher Rockford has been the best assassin in the agency for eight years, and he loves his job. 
He loves his solitary lifestyle. 
He loves keeping the world safe by getting rid of anarchists who threaten their orderly society. 
He loves his comfortable life as a member of the wealthy Coastal upper class.

But in pursuit of a target, he meets Jenna, a mysterious civilian who belongs to society’s lowest and most shunned group. Being around her is life-changing. She makes him feel for the first time, and he is instantly captivated.

She boldly stands in the face of everything he has ever known and was taught to believe. He begins to see the world through her eyes, causing him to question his job, his lifestyle, and The Order he so obediently serves. It’s not long before he can’t imagine his life without her.

There’s just one problem: He knows she would leave him if she ever found out about his job. He knows this because he asked her how she felt about assassins in their government, and she was utterly disgusted with the idea, even though she believes their existence is just a myth. 

As their relationship grows and intensifies, he knows he cannot keep the truth from her for long.

But Jenna has her own secrets to keep.

Set in an orderly world of near-perfect surveillance, genetically modified humans, and extreme socioeconomic divide, The Unexpected Inlander will take you through Chris’s journey of self-discovery and learning that change begins within.

For more, see the longer book description in the book details on Amazon.

There will also be a paperback edition available on May 10 (unfortunately the paperback cannot be pre-ordered, and I’ve heard that paperbacks are now on a six-week delivery, so maybe ebook is the way to go right now). I will release it through other outlets, as well. I’ll let you know where as they become available. In the meantime, if you have a preference for where you like to get your books, please let me know! I’d love to make The Unexpected Inlander available there, too (especially if it is a library)!

You will love this book if:

✔ You like love stories, especially ones that involve love at first sight

✔ You like a little suspense in your romance

✔ You like clean romance

✔ You like character-driven romance

✔ You are interested in genetics and science but want to read about it in a fictional context

✔ You like pondering philosophical questions such as 

    • how genetic editing might affect society
    • how constant surveillance affects the psyche
    • how your worldview is affected by the people around you

✔ You are not familiar with sci-fi but maybe want to just check out the genre (as several reviewers have said, this book is “a great introduction to the sci-fi genre”)

You will HATE this book if:

✖ You’re looking for erotica. There are no graphic descriptions of sexual acts of any kind in this book. Those who are looking for that will be severely disappointed!

✖ You are looking for hard science fiction. As mentioned above, several reviewers have posted that they do not normally read science fiction but that this book was a nice introduction to the genre for them because it is not hard science fiction. If you are looking for space, aliens, cyborgs, cyberpunk, cli-fi, made-up worlds that are completely different than the one we live in, lots of made-up words to fit said made-up worlds, and other typical hard science fiction elements, then this book will not satisfy your craving for intense science fiction.

✖ You’re looking for an action-packed thriller with lots of twists and surprises. It’s just not that kind of book.

So, why a new edition with a re-release? I can’t answer that without spilling the beans that there is a sequel. (so I guess this is technically a dual announcement!) Truthfully, the sequel was finished last summer, and I had planned on releasing it in August 2019. Let me tell you: I LOVE the sequel. In fact, I love it SO MUCH that I was seriously planning on telling people to skip the first book and just read the second one. But I also did not want to tell people to do that. More than anything, I wanted to love The Unexpected Inlander as much as I love its sibling. So it started out with deciding to just brush it up and do some *minor* edits–you know, take out a few sentences or phrases that I loathed and maybe split the occasional really long paragraph into two. I can’t tell you at exactly what point I decided to go all in, but at some point I realized I was not going to be happy unless I fully committed to making this the absolute last draft of this book.

“Absolute last draft?” you ask.  Let me explain.

You see, when I published it before, it was always in the back of my mind that it could easily (haha!) be changed because it was “just an ebook.” On the one hand, that was nice because it meant if I wanted to change it, I could. On the other hand, it made it so the book was never done. I never made it into a paperback. I never made it available anywhere except on Kindle. You know, *just in case* I ever decided to change it. That means I never fully committed to it being a published book. I never even celebrated publishing a book in the first place because in my mind it was maybe not finished. As a result, I never got closure, either. 

Well, now is my time for closure and for celebrating a journey’s end. I am so happy with the revised edition and SO EXCITED TO SHARE IT WITH YOU! 

I hope you enjoy exploring the internal worlds of Chris and Jenna and the external worlds of The Sectors as much as I did!

For more information, visit Amazon, Goodreads, LibraryThing, and eReaderIQ.

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